last week we hosted a team of 48 czech students who came to latvia to put on rock/choir concerts in a few schools and a church here in riga

we want to do a music camp this summer and used these concerts to gauge the interest in having something like this in latvia

their concerts are high-energy, interactive and a lot of fun

the name of this group is "tensing" and it was started by two missionaries as an outreach to the community in czech

they were a pleasure to have in latvia and i look forward to when they can come back!

"now throw your hands in the aiiiiiirrrrrrrr, and wave 'em like you just don't caaaarrrrrrre"

a goodbye song

reason why latvia is the bomb #9: čipsi

i have recently begun venturing out and experimenting with various types of food in latvia. one of the foods i have begun experimenting with is the chip. thankfully, latvia has a decent selection of chips to choose from. i found out about "hops" (pictured above) mostly by accident. the store i shop at had a 3-for-1 sale and the cheapskate in me could not resist giving them a try. i was pleasantly surprised. the thing that initially threw me off was that the chips came in long strips and it felt like eating a chip flavored ruler... except they tasted good! as far as taste goes, i would compare them to the pringle and it is no surprise that they similarly addicting. once you pop of these hops, you cannot stop!

speaking of oddly shaped chips... where else can you find heart-shaped chips? thats right, latvia.



the good news... is that we have had five wonderful days of sun over the past week!

the bad news... is that it has been bitterly cold everyday! it was nine degrees fahrenheit yesterday and walking around in that temperature with any bit of wind, feels like a slow painful death. i walked to the store the other night without a beanie and regretted it. i thought my ears were going to fall off of my head. the cold weather has done some good though... i have realized that God created me with a built-in weather gauge. when i can feel the hairs on my mustache starting to freeze, it means IT IS FREAKING COLD!!! anyways, enough about the weather. here is a pictures of the beautiful sunset we had the other night. enjoy!