schedule for the next few months

the summer and camps are well on their way. things are about to get semi-busy...
  • april 12-16: co-teaching a "creative lesson planning" class at riga international bible institute
  • april 16: riga fusion concert
  • april 17: latvian church team training
  • april 26-28: "prayer days"
  • april 29-may 1: "izaicinājums 2010" church planting conference
  • may 5-9: josiah venture spring conference
  • may 15: master's college team arrives
  • may 26-june 2: josiah venture intern training
  • june 13-june 19: master's/liepa camp
  • june 25-july 1: camp term #1 (faith/kuldīga & faith/centrs camps)
  • july 11-18: camp term #2 (red mountain/rīta zvaigzne & red mountain/vangaži camps)
  • july 24-july 31: camp term #3 (canyon del oro/tukums & shiloh/grobiņa camps)
  • august 4-5: intern debriefing
  • august ??-??: my personal debriefing/vacation :)
...all that to say, i need your help! i am a weak human being who cannot accomplish much in my own strength. instead, i want to see God do His all-powerful/good/sovereign/loving thing in these next few months! would you join me in asking Him to work in each of these events/conferences/camps? i believe there is power when people gather together to pray for a common purpose.

so, will you pray with me?


walking on water

so i learned how to walk on water the other day. no big deal.

the river was frozen, but i still walked on it! jealous?

the homies, lucka & katka, came through latvia and got to walk on the daugava too. lucky czechs!


reason why latvia is the bomb #17: reading through the Bible

as many of you know, i have been reading through the Bible with two of my best friends in latvia, kitija and krista matula. i think of these girls as my "little latvian sisters" because they have become very dear to me, to the point where they feel like family.

at our last fall conference, another josiah venture missionary challenged me to find some latvian guys to read through the Bible with. after a few unsuccessful attempts with guys here, i approached kitija and krista with the same idea. they immediately agreed and around mid-september we started meeting every week.

our original plan was to read through the entire Bible in four months, but because of the two months that i was in the states, we decided to push back the finishing date another two months to march 20th. it is looking like we will not meet our goal of finishing in time, but in this case i think the ending date comes secondary. i have learned a lot from these two girls over the past 5+ months and it has been a pleasure to study the Bible with them. God's Word has changed me and i have been blessed with a front row seat to see how He is working in their lives too. it has been the best Bible study that i have ever been a part of! i am very thankful for that!

how about eight months? ok, deal.



free audiobooks

dietrich bonhoeffer's classic, 'the cost of discipleship' is available as a free audio book download for the month of march! download it here.

you can also download "fifty reasons why Jesus came to die" by john piper as a free audio book at the same link!

did i mention that they were FREE?

get the knowledge people!


just got a call at 5:30am, with some of the best news ive ever heard in my life! dont know if im allowed to say anything about it yet, but it is a HUUUUUUUUGE answer to prayer!!!!!!! thank you LORD!