The Now & The Not Yet

God is moving. Do we see it?

He’s called us to join in what He is already doing in Central & Eastern Europe! Our JV vision statement reads “A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church & transforms society.” We are seeing pieces of this already happening in this part of the world. Yet, we believe God wants to do much more!

Would you consider joining us in praying for these five things?
  • Seek99 - Jesus told His followers the parable of the lost sheep; when the Good Shepherd leaves the 99 to go after the lost one. The reality in this part of the world is that those numbers are flipped. 1% of young people in Central and Eastern Europe are evangelical believers. So we are asking God to send us out to the reach the 99!
  • Edge Sports - we began a new avenue of reaching young people in this part of the world (similar to Fusion, but only with sports). Pray as we step into new territory and as God provides leadership for this "highway" of our ministry.
  • Social Media - young people spend their lives on social media. They are constantly connected. How can we figure out new ways to communicate the hope of Jesus through social media in a way that will engage this next generation?
  • 1,000 Churches - new healthy and reproducing churches planted in this region.
  • 11 Countries - in this region who still do not have JV staff actively working.

We have some pretty cool wristbands (above) to help remind us to pray. Will you pray with us?



The theme this yea for our annual Josiah Venture spring conference was "Relentless." The focus was on God's relentless pursuit of His people.

We had the privilege of hearing from Bryan Chapell, the author, speaker and former president of Covenant Seminary. His taught six sessions on grace and redemption at the center of all Scripture. It was not only a great week of learning, but also a great week of fellowship. We are so thankful for our JV family! If you're interested in listening to the talks and going through the notes, you can get them here!