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fusion training

we had our first fully latvian fusion training this past weekend!

there were three active fusion teams represented, as well as two potential teams. we had a good time of fellowship, discussion and shared ideas. an encouraging weekend overall!

it has been amazing to see how God has expanded fusion from one choir in 2009 to five or six in 2012! we have had our fair share of struggles, but it is all well worth it when we get to see glimpses of what God is doing!



ive been listening to the spokenword audio bible at the gym for the past year or so. its cool to be able to take in some of the Word, while trying to stay fit.

but this is even more exciting to me! streetlights vol. 1: divine dna. an audio Bible set to beats! the aim is for "people of all literacy levels will be able to hear, understand, and internalize the Word of God." over 20+ mcs tell the story of our great God over hip-hop instrumentals. volume 1 covers the first six chapters of genesis and the entire gospel of john.

oh, and the best part is that ITS FREE! get it now.

a HUGE thanks to humblebeast.com!


re: in the news

of the 1,098,593 voters (a 69% turnout of registered voters), 25% voted "for" making russian the second official language of latvia and 75% voted "against" the referendum. you can read more about the results here.

in the news

BBC News - Latvia votes on making Russian an official language

a short article on todays vote to make russian the second official language of latvia. im very interested to see the results!


a doer of the Word

after 27 years in the church i have become a pretty good listener... but Jesus didnt call me to be only a listener!

how do i respond to what i read or hear from God's Word? francis chan addressed this crucial topic a few days ago at moody bible institute.

God, give me ears to hear Your voice! make me obedient. make me not only a hearer of Your Word, but a doer.

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."
James 1:22 (NIV)