its funny because the more i talk to people about the trip, the more i realize that i have no clue what i am about to get into! and in a weird way this is very comforting to me. i can look back on the times in my life where i have felt similarly and those were the times where i have been able to see God work the mightiest.

thankfully, i will have some formal training before i make the move overseas. from july 23rd-august 24th i will be in colorado for missionary training. Mission Training International is the training organization that Josiah Venture sends each of their missionaries to and this is what my schedule will look like for the next few weeks;
  • july 23rd-august 3rd- i will be enrolled in the PILAT (Program In Language Acquisition Techniques) training program. these two weeks are focused on acquiring the skills that are necessary to learn other languages.
  • august 6th-24th- i will be enrolled in the SPLICE (Spiritual, Personal, Lifestyle, Interpersonal, Cultural and Endure/Enjoy) training program. this is a three week program that focuses on developing healthy missionaries.

if you think of me during this time, i would ask that you would pray for me. pray that God would humble me and continue to prepare me to serve Him in Latvia. also, pray that i would walk away from the training with a better understanding of who God is and a deeper love for Him. thank you for your support!