yayyyyy! its that time of year again.

time for passport photos, submitting documents, and mass confusion haha!

the deadline for resubmitting my documents is february 5th. my prayer this year, is that i will constantly find rest in God's sovereignty as i go through the residency process. i cant lie, i wouldnt mind if it went a little smoother than it has in the past, but sometimes the "easier way" is not always what is best for us... or so ive been told haha! please join me in praying for the american side of our team (kelly & donna hargan and nick fletcher) as we apply for permission to continue living legally in latvia. thank you!

hope to have good news soon!

its -15 °F outside

just thought you should know.


my current jam

"Come All You Weary" by Thrice

Come all you weary, with your heavy loads
Lay down your burdens, find rest for your souls
Cause my yoke is easy and my burden is kind
I'll take yours upon me and you can take mine

Come all you weary, move through the earth
You've been spurned at fine restaurants and kicked out of church
I've got a couple of loaves, so sit down at my feet
Lend me your ears and we'll break bread and eat

Come all you weary
Come gather round near me
Find rest for your souls

Come all you weary, crippled you lay
I'll help you along, you can lay down your canes
We've got a long way to go, but we'll travel as friends
The lights growing bright further up, further in

Come all you weary
Come gather round near me
Find rest for your souls

Rest for your souls

Come all you weary
Come gather round near me
Come all you weary
Come gather round near me
Find rest for your souls
Rest for your souls
Rest for your souls



-16 °C + wind + 15 minute walk home - beanie = hatemylifeville :)

632 euros?!!!!!! (cont.)

well, the bad news is that we (fletch, montis & i) ended up driving to berlin. but, the good news is that i have all of my bags now!!! i was so excited when i got home that i slept with all of my bags in bed with me! not really... but i was reeeeaaaaally pumped. the trip went well overall. you couldnt pay me to do it again though.

leaving riga bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...

you know its cold when theres ice on the inside of your car!!

almost to berlin

giddy? yes.

we had a few hours to kill, so we walked around berlin for a bit...

just the berlin wall... no big deal.

the reichstag

annnnnnd here is what 32+ hours in a car looks like...

youtube of the month: january

pretty woman?


632 euros?!!!!!!

well, im back riga. made it in safely.

the trip started off nicely. i was able to get a good amount of sleep on the first two flights and was anxious for the last leg of the trip. however, things got messy when i arrived in berlin (a.k.a. satans DMV). ill keep it simple and say that i am in no way, shape, or form, a fan of airbaltic. never have been. in fact, i would suggest never flying with them. EVER. they tried to charge me €632 to check in three bags... the price of my round trip flight from riga to berlin was €82!

in more or less words, i told them to "get real" and found a locker to store the bags until i could come up with a better plan. it was some of the worst service i have ever received in my 25 years of life... and thats saying a lot coming from someone who lives in latvia! still gotta figure out how to get those bags back to riga...

all in all, im here. im alive. and im thankful for that! thank you for praying :)


cornerstone simi valley church

PLEASE subscribe to this podcast! it has changed my life.

i have been listening to their podcasts for the last two years and i love Jesus more because of it. francis chan is the teaching pastor at cornerstone church in simi valley, california. God is doing some amazing things in this church and i hope it is an encouragement to you!

goodbyes & hellos

i fly out of phoenix on tuesday. it is a very, very bittersweet feeling. i am excited to get back to latvia, but i absolutely hate the goodbyes on this side of the ocean! they are brutal on the heart. i would appreciate your prayers for the next few days!


chirp chirp

over the past two months, the only thing you heard from my corner was crickets.

i apologize.

i did want to take some time share with you all about my trip back to the states. i enjoy pictures, so i thought it would be best to share through visuals. here are a few of my favorite pictures from my time in the states...

it was a wonderful trip! :)