camp #3

welcome to fusion camp!

fusion is a music ministry based out of the czech republic, that seeks to reach young people for Christ through the medium of music. back in february we had a team of czech students that came to riga & put on concerts in schools & talked to students about being part of a "rock choir" in riga. we wanted to gauge the interest in this form of ministry in latvia. we got a great response from students & teachers, so we decided to do a fusion camp this summer to help jump start this ministry. in the camp students had the opportunity to learn how to play instruments, sing & lead a choir, dance, & have a lot of fun while doing it. here are a few pictures from the camp...

finger sword fighting

kaspars teaching eriks the guitar

my future team member, susan patterson!

nigel & anete did an AMAZING job telling the Story of God throughout the week!

wake up scottish style

olegs is a guy that i am thankful to have met during our time at the ywam base in valdemarpils

we spent a LOT of hours in this kitchen over the two camps

morning exercises tunak tunak tun style

czech polka

terry english (pictured below) was the leader of the czech team during fusion camp & the person who has helped us to start this ministry here in riga

adam had his birthday during camp

choir practice

po & elina


andy, the winner of "gladiators"

i got her (ieva) to smile!!!

these girls decided to come to fusion camp after being in our first camp

each candle represents a life that was changed throughout the week! praise God!!!

after the five day camp, the students had a concert at a local youth center in riga where they got to show what they had learned throughout the week

praying before the concert

every person in this picture that is playing an instrument, learned how to play it that week in camp! pretty incredible...

heres a short clip of one of the songs the czech team taught us...

edgars deksnis (pictured below) is the youth leader who is leading the fusion ministry in latvia. the "rock choir" that started with the camp, is a year-round ministry where students from the camp & their friends can continue learning about music and hearing more about Christ

please join us in praying for this ministry!

youtube of the month: july


kuldīga camp music videos

the groups made music videos for one of the english activities in camp this week. they turned out pretty AMAZING! enjoy...


camp #2

this camp was with kuldīga baptist church & faith evangelical free church in fort collins, colorado. it was a wonderful week & here are a few of the pictures from the camp...

the "hair of despair"

nigel rocks!


egg & panty hose "gladiators"

seeing lives like hers changed during camp, makes it all worth it

ropes course

toms is a stud!

small groups

oskars name day


reason why latvia is the bomb #14: the shiloh team

this team was a dream come true for me.

i am blessed to have such a supportive church back home. being able to have some of the most important people in my life, taking part in what God has me here to do, was truly a blessing! there were a few times during the camp where i felt like i got a glimpse of heaven. i was filled with joy as i listened to latvians and americans worshiping The One True God together. what a beautiful thing to be a part of!



camp #1

a few photos & faces from camp #1 in tukums...

the limbaži dudes

small group

the best camp game EVER!!!

doing my best to translate dzintra's testimony... in a dress

pastor jason west

the epic rap battle

oskars & montis vs. anete

showing oskars some love

birthday visitors

happy birthday?



the limbaži girls

joiner & i