leaving on a jet plane

its 7:23am, and i just finished packing my bags and cleaning up the house. i havent slept at all! hooray. i leave for the airport in four hours. i have a 24 hour layover in berlin and then... HOME!!! cannot wait.


reason why latvia is the bomb #15: anna & anete's class

i visited two of my friends at work today and got to see the kids they are with every week. anna and anete are elementary school teachers and it is obvious that they are great at what they do!

i am hoping that i will be able to make it to their class more often when i am back in january!

good music

if you 1) like hip hop music and 2) love Jesus, then you need to download this song from one of my favorite artists braille! the song is called "give myself" and it addresses the role of a husband in view of Ephesians 6:25-30. you can download it for free here!


the countdown

i am very excited to see friends & family again! it is hard to believe i leave for the states in six days!!!


we have heat!

hooray for warmth!

apparently they turned on our heat today. no more sleeping in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

edit: NOT! i spoke too soon. radiators are still cold to the touch. darn.

kinda proud of these too!

verona, italy

salzburg, vienna

(click on them to see the bigger version)



a panorama i took in gimmelwald, switzerland...

(click on it to see a bigger version)


youtube of the month: october

kinda old, but still hilarious...


my brother tim & i got to see some wonderful places on our trip

here are a few of the pictures...

it was a great trip & i hope that we will be able to do it again next year (rob included)!