the COACH model

this week i had the opportunity to participate in a three-day coaching workshop based on the book "the COACH model for christians leaders" by keith webb. i had read the book (which i highly recommend), so it was great to be in the workshop and hear good teaching on what i had recently read and experienced. i left the training with a deeper understanding of how to coach.
for those who may not have heard of coaching, it is a practical tool that can help people to understand and fulfill God's calling on their life. it is a dynamic conversation that is based on helping other people discover their next steps in life, ministry, relationships, etc. through active listening and asking good questions. i have been being "coached" for a few months now and had begun "coaching" with a few of my close friend for practice. it is a life skill that i want to continue to develop and use because of how helpful i have seen it to be in my own life!
for more info on the book, click here.



we had a great trip! thankful for the time of rest with my family. we didnt take many pictures on the trip, but here a few of the highlights...
its always hard to say goodbye to family, but its especially hard to say "bye" to this little one...


youtube of the month: january

the youthful mind at its finest! a throwback for those of you who were in college around the same time i was... does ebaumsworld still exist?