spring conference & slovakia

we just got back from our annual spring conference in the czech republic.

it was very exciting to be with so many other missionaries who are ministering in this area of the world.

we heard some amazing teaching from our leader dave patty, and guest speaker ray pritchard.

both speakers spoke truth to my current situation and offered much encouragement through God's Word. it couldnt have come at a better time.

after the conference fletch and i visited mike sullivan, a missionary friend of ours, and who lives in czech and works in slovakia.

mike gave us a quick tour of a few parts of slovakia... and contrary to what the name suggests, its a beautiful country!

we hiked through a place they call "slovak paradise."

it was like any other hiking trail, but there were also parts where you had to climb up a bunch of ladders to get to the next part of the trail.

heres me on one of the ladders trying to show how high i was... but all you can see is my head! haha.

we also spent some time around the tatry mountains, which were also beautiful.

overall, it was an amazing trip.

on to the summer...


LTV Cribs pt. 2

heres a video tour of our new crib (pardon my blair witch project camera skills)


parents visit

my parents visit was very refreshing for me and came at just the right time

i got to show them around downtown riga (the capital of latvia) and here are the parents standing next to the freedom statue in the centre

in front of doma cathedral

my dad standing next to an advertisement for the conference he spoke at

we also visited a small town called cēsis, and here we are standing next to their freedom monument

my mom outside of st. johns church in cēsis (which was closed)

while we were in cēsis we also toured an old 13th century castle

my dad getting into "trouble"

fletch was kind enough to drive us around for the day in cēsis

it was pretty hard for me to say goodbye to my parents again, but i am definitely thankful to have had the chance to see them again!