just purchased my flights for the trip back to the states in a few months! should be a great time to reconnect with everyone and meet my new niece! more details soon. :)



i said goodbye to two very dear people today.

krista (far left) and endija (far right) are two of the coolest people that God has put in my life. they have been some of my closest friends in latvia and i have learned a lot from them. im excited to see what God has planned for them in this next year as the move to sweden. endija will be working and krista will be studying in Bible school. i was pretty sad to see them go today, but it still hasnt fully sunk in yet that i probably wont see them for a year... ugh!

one bit of good news is that these two girls arent going anywhere! :)


what is next?

throughout the summer i frequently get asked the question, "what are you going to do when camps are over?" well the short answer is, getting back to normal life... pouring into my church and youth group, Bible studies, language learning, playing basketball, etc.

there will also be a few more "big" events that i will also be involved with over the next few weeks. here is a rough schedule of those events;