reason why latvia is the bomb #2: nutella

nutella is completely unhealthy, but tastes delicious. i cant believe this stuff has not caught on in the states!

reason why latvia is the bomb #1: cilvēki

meet my roommate, ilja.

this country is full of tremendous people like ilja. i have been blessed by the many people God has brought across my path over the past 10 months. it is hard for me to explain what it is that i like about latvian people so much, but i think if you have been here, you understand what i mean.


what now?

i have had a lot of people ask me, "so what are you doing now that camps are over?"... well, let me attempt to answer that question.
  • in the next week or so i will be starting a Bible study with a few latvian guys. i am very excited to read God's Word with these guys and to get to know them better.
  • our team has decided that we will focus all of our energies on a local youth group here in riga, so please pray with us as we are seeking out where that will be. we want to come alongside the leadership in the church to help to create excitement and momentum for the youth ministry. we want to see the youth group become a place where all types of people can be part of a loving community and hear from God's Word.
  • now that the summer is over i am getting back to language training. i have started working with my language tutor and i will begin formal class this week. i would appreciate your continued prayers for this!
i hope that gives you more of an idea of what i will be up to in the near future. what about you? what are your plans for the next few months? anything i can be praying for?


the land of the irish

this country is breathtaking... unbelievable landscape... lovely people... great food... those are the main three things i look for when when i travel and ireland blew away my expectations on all three! here are a few pictures from the trip...

at the blarney castle

dursey island

chasing sheep

fletchy & mikey climbing on the rocks

we went on a hike & ended up taking this boy band picture in the fog

fletch fell a few times on the hike

very relieved to be done w/ the hike

beautiful beach

irish breakfast

"gorrrrgeous!" (in the crocodile hunter voice)


mike on the ferry

the cliffs of moher


holly was very gracious to let us stay at her flat for a night