camp 1-liepa

man, oh man! what a camp...

i am so thankful for the team i was able to serve with this week! they were constantly a blessing and encouragement to me. this was the first time i have ever served on a camp team where i felt like everyone gave 100% without any whining or complaining.

on a more personal note, there were a lot of other "firsts" for me in this camp... the first time i have had to send anyone home from camp. the first time i have had to drive to pick someone up who apologized and asked to be allowed back in camp. the first time i have been the main speaker and presented the Gospel over a week. the first time i have translated a testimony in the big meeting. the first time i have visited the hospital during camp. im pretty sure there were a few more "firsts," but those are all the ones that comes to mind right now.

God did a lot of very cool things throughout the week, so thank you for praying! it was a great week!

here are a few of my favorite pictures from the camp...

our next camp starts on june 25th! please keep praying with us...

ready, set, go!

were heading out to our first camp in a few hours... please pray with us!


youtube of the month: june

this is how i usually psych myself up in the morning...

(courtesy of ©amber brennan)