vacation time

i will be "away from the office" for a few days. i am taking a few days off to meet up with my brother, tim, in munich today!!! he is flying to europe as i am typing this and i am almost giddy at the thought of seeing him in a few hours! we will be traveling around europe for a few days and (to make it even better) there is an outside chance that my other brother, rob, will be meeting up with us later on the trip!!! i will put up pictures from our trip when we get back to riga. take luck.


fall conference 2009

our team arrived back in riga early this morning after the lonnnnnnnng drive back from czech. for the past week we were in the czech republic for our annual fall conference, and once again, it was a great week with an amazing group of people!!!

allow me to introduce team latvia...
(from left to right) edgars, agnese, david, fletch, adam, anna, agija, myself, anete, donna & kelly

throughout the week our team managed to get our butts handed to us in the annual soccer tournament, spent a lot of quality time in the van, walking around ikea, bowling (seen below), and visiting auschwitz. a very interesting week.

the theme of this years conference was "passing the baton," and it was focused on how we can pass on the life of Christ to others through discipleship. it was an amazing conference for me, as i felt the Lord reminding me of the basics of what it means to walk with Him daily. i also felt an urgency to begin applying what i had learned about discipleship in a culture where i have seen little to none taking place. please pray for our team in latvia as we work to make disciples of Christ!


rīta zvaigzne

morning star is one of the churches that our team has been involved with over the past year and i have been blessed to be a part of this group of wonderful people. i appreciate how they have welcomed our team with open arms, their beautiful heart for prayer, and that they are one of the only churches i have seen that are actively seeking out both russians and latvians!

we spent a few days this past week moving into a new building and it is exciting to see the possibilities for this facility. here is the "moving committee" praying for the new building...

today was also the first service in the new building and here are a few pictures from that...

pastor rommel

please join us in praying for our next steps as a church!


youtube of the month: september

i finally joined a gym yesterday, so i thought this would be an appropriate video...

these kids are hilarious!