Jesus is the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

so what will you give Him on His birthday???


LTV Cribs pt. 1

heres a sneak peak (get it? fletch is peaking out the window...? haha. lame, i know) at our room.

now i know what you are probably thinking... does it get any better than the pink window shades?!?!! well the answer is yes, it does... in the form of green 1970's russian wallpaper, which is beautifully accented by a red and black floor rug. mind you, all these came with our room. they would certainly not be our first choice. i have to be honest though, part of me like how ridiculous our room looks. its growing on me.

with our room we wanted to contrast the modern look of ikea with the decorating style of communist russia. i think we succeeded.

and as you can see, these are all completely candid shots of me and fletch (fletch and i?) in our room. we just happened to be in all of them... and doing perfectly normal things, like peaking out a window and reading a cookbook.

our beautiful entryway.

well, there you have it. a quick glimpse at where we live.

[note: im pretty sure you picked up on my sarcasm throughout this post. but i do want to be careful because, though i am making light of our living situation, we have a roof over our heads in a great location, lots of space, and an overall great living situation. and for all that i am VERY thankful to live where we live. we just wanted to have a little fun with it. hopefully, ill be able to put up a video with a full tour of the house soon. hold tight.]


freedom statue, 4:30pm

a few people commented about how they enjoyed the last video, so i thought i would do another. i took this video in the centre of old riga so you could get a glimpse of how beautiful it can be here at night.

(and if you watch closely, you might be able to see me...)



a few people have asked for my address here in latvia, so i thought id put up for all to see;

[edit: i realized that putting my address online for everyone to see wasnt the smartest thing to do, so if you would like my address you can shoot me an email and i will get that to you]

feel free to come and visit!