4th camp

here are a few pictures from our last camp...
jelgava camp!

my team, "the duckfish"


"the juicy dopaloupes"


the "name what kind of ball is hidden under a t-shirt game"... the campers did not know fletcher's head was under one of the shirts haha


jokes on you fletcher

i will not miss doing this dance twice a day for a MONTH

sarah in english class

dexter loves english class


artsy fartsy

edgars & his wonderful collage

kristine & agrita on the amazing race

helen is kind of photogenic

brennan, sarah, arturs & edgars in the back




camp picture

leaders & campers

dance party

"the duckfish," aka 1st place!


w/ endija, sabine & ieva


3rd camp

here are the best of my pictures from the week...

one of the local kids from kazdanga

toms about to grab a clothespin with his mouth after spinning around 10 times

making guacamole in english class

the human pyramid contest


at the bonfire

the jail staff for english class rotations

w/ oskars & martins

tiki torch madness

good people

the disco dance party

i dressed up as mike tyson for the dance party

saying goodbye to the limbazi & texas boys

the camp teams...
the homies

the pretty pink ponies

the stork dorks

vilandes camp!


2nd camp

here are a few of the best pictures from this week...


montis, anna, elina & jaycee

the camp dance

my english class

this is what i look like according to my students

playing the balloon tied around your ankle game

two of the interns, elina & anna

aubrey, janis, kristen, greg, peteris & charlie

wearing "the dress of despair" w/ the youth pastor in kuldiga, gatis

end of the week dance party