kuldīga camp

well, we are done with our second day of camp. this camp has a great "vibe" to it. real neat students and team. praying for God to do big things!


heading out to our first camp right now

please join us and pray that God would work mightily in our three camps this week;
  • kuldīga baptist church (english camp)
  • seminary church (fusion camp)
  • liepa united methodist church (english camp)


youtube of the month: june

poetry in motion

a wake up call (or text)

we need your prayers!

i was reminded again today about the seriousness of the spiritual battle that we wake up into everyday (ephesians 6:12). i received a text from one of my team leaders this morning that their apartment had been broken into during the night and their computers and wallets had been stolen. stuff like this happens everyday all around the world, and most of the time we look at it as coincidence. but this morning i got the feeling that it was something else. computers can be replaced, but it just so happened that the stolen computers held most, if not all, of our summer ministry and national organizations materials on it. this also took place two days before the interns arrive for a summer of eight evangelistic camps. many people would shrug this off as coincidence, but after years of doing camps i have seen that it "coincidentally" happens way too often to be just that. it seems as if something like this happens every year right before our summer ministry begins. so please join us and pray that we would remain united and focused as a team and that we would continue to stand strong in the Lord (ephesians 6:10) this summer!