team latvia

here we are (minus scott)

front row from l to r: me, fletch, lisa, liva
back row from l to r: jaycee, toms, mike, kelly, donna, martina, lelde


110,880 minutes

here i am in estonia, after turning in my application for residency, completely oblivious to what was about to happen over the next 77 days...

1,848 hours after i applied for residency, i became a resident of the republic of latvia! thank the Lord!

the application and approval process was one of the most testing and draining periods of my life. at times i found myself doubting God's faithfulness and doubting that this day would ever come. well, surprise, surprise, God came through! as He always does.

now that it is over i find myself relieved and humbled by God's goodness. i was encouraged by the amount of support that our team received from the Body of Christ over the past few months. so a big THANKS to all of you!