i did something VERY stupid today. i drove to matthews church this morning to pick up some kids to go paint balling for our year-end youth group event. i saw a spot next to the church where i could park. i pulled up next to the car in front of the spot so that i could back in and parallel park behind it. sounds easy, right?

well, here is where i got greedy... i noticed a spot TWO CAR LENGTHS closer to the church that i could pull into rather than backing into the spot behind me. i went with the lazier option. i pulled past the two (actually, one and a half) cars next to me and turned the wheel a little too early and heard a loud SCRRRRRAPE! oops. to top it all off, most of the guys from the youth group happened to be standing outside the church when it all happened! FAIL.

i left my number on their windshield and i am waiting to hear back. i scraped up my passenger rear door pretty well.

the other car had a few small scratches on it, so im hoping for grace!

gotta love youth ministry!

ropes course with a group of kids saturday... check!

paint balling with a youth group on sunday... check!

no complaints.



my roommate, fletch, decided five days ago to run a marathon...

and then he did it! pretty impressive, right?

42 kilometers!


adam zentz

he arrived in latvia on may 20th.

adam was an intern last summer and decided to come back again this summer for a six month extended internship. we are thrilled to have him as part of our team and excited to see how God uses him!

its business time!