reason why latvia is the bomb #4: sula

i am a big juice fan.

latvia is a pretty good place to live if you enjoy juice. my personal favorite flavors of juice here are; pineapple, strawberry and raspberry. the brand of pineapple juice that i like is actually the knock-off-brand-watered-down-version of the more popular brands (i feel as if i have come full circle from hating the generic food brands that my mom bought for me as a kid). also, there is something magical about drinking juice from a box. seriously, you should try it.


why biola rocks

students from biola have recently entered U.S. News and World Report’s “Why My School Rocks” video contest. their video is competing against 28 other college videos, and the ten videos with the most views will go on to the final round of judging.

watching the video brought back a lot of memories of the "good ole days" and at the same time made me feel like an old man! haha. anyways, i thought it was worth sharing with you all.


fall conference 2008

the theme of the conference was "The Bride of Christ." it was obvious that God was at work in some big ways throughout the conference. we were blessed by the many different speakers who taught on the expressions of The Church... The Bride of Christ, The Body of Christ, The Family of God, and The Temple of God. i was also challenged by caesar kalinowski and jeff vanderstelt from soma communities in tacoma, washington (check these guys out, they are doing some really cool things in their community). the talks were life changing for me as The Holy Spirit exposed my lack of love for His Church. i had allowed myself to become hardened by years and years of seeing what i called "ugly people" in The Church. during this conference God quickly showed me that i was part of the problem and i was actually one of those "ugly" and sinful people (thank God for His grace, amen?)! i had not loved my brothers and sisters well, and therefore had not protected and loved His Bride. needless to say, i returned to latvia changed and encouraged! God sure is good, isnt He?

another big highlight of the trip was having four latvians with us to the conference!!! really good people.


reason why latvia is the bomb #3: staigāšana

i officially love to walk. i walk almost anywhere i can.

i love walking out of my apartment building and seeing so many people on the streets. it helps living in a city the size of riga, where most of the places are within walking distance. its relaxing. its healthier. why not walk?

fall is here!