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total church

our team just started reading this book together...

"total church" is co-written by tim chester & steve timmis. they are two english guys who founded the crowded house church-planting initiative in the uk and direct the porterbrook network. steve is also the director of the acts 29 network for western europe.

our team decided to study the book together after hearing steve timmis speak at a recent josiah venture church-planting conference. im only half-way through the second chapter and i can already tell it will not be an easy read. it is not a passive read. it is a book that needs to be digested over time. it has challenged my thinking on what the Gospel message is and how it is practically lived out in community. i am only 40 pages in and i would already recommend it to anyone who is passionate about the Gospel, community and mission!

you can (watch or) download audio of steve's teaching on "total church" here, which took place back in 2009 at mars hill church.