as most of you know, i am not in latvia. my september 1st departure date has been pushed back indefinitely. i am now hoping to leave by late october.

this experience of waiting has shown me how incredibly impatient i am. as i wait for the rest of my financial support to come in, God has been giving me a crash course on patience. He has gently dragged me through this process of waiting on His timing. what makes this so hard, is that i feel like i have been waiting for this departure date for the past six years and now its looking like i might have to wait a little bit longer than i had anticipated... and as all impatient people know, these last few weeks of waiting have not been very pleasant. i am being forced to trust God. crazy huh?

so that is where i am at as of september 25th. please stay tuned for more updates and thank you for prayers and tremendous generosity towards me during this time! i have been encouraged by your support.