osama bin laden

i was shocked when i heard the news about osama in the stockholm skavsta airport. my initial response was relief that the search for him was finally over. then came the sobering reality that more than likely he was in hell at that very moment. there seemed to be some sense of "justice" in that, but not one that i did not deserve myself (ephesians 2:1-5 comes to mind). while waiting for my flight back to rīga, i was reminded of the finality of death and that it is a place of tremendous eternal suffering. that is hard to wish on anyone.

francis chan shared his thoughts on the killing...

as followers of Jesus, where is our compassion? mercy? love?

**disclaimer** i realize this is a extremely sensitive subject and that i am certainly not the person to make theological statements on this topic. just wanted to share my initial thoughts.

youtube of the month: may

one of the most inspirational sports videos that i have ever seen...



just saw this video... thought it was definitely worth sharing!

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