happy birthday, latvija!

latvia officially turned 94 today.

its nice to see google getting into the holiday spirit too!


lāčplēša diena

november 11th is an important day in latvian history. "lāčplēša diena" is celebrated in remembrance of the battle when latvians fought against and defeated german and russian forces. this link gives a clear explanation of the events leading up to and following november 11th, 1919.

anna and i walked down to the presidents castle to see the thousands of candles that are lit in remembrance of soldiers who fought for latvias freedom on the banks of the daugava river. it was an incredible sight and one that makes me so proud of this country!


my current jam(s)

a friend recently turned me on to the group PageCXVI. their goal is to bring new awareness to the depth and beauty of hymns. you can support them by buying an album or download a sampler album of their music for free here.

for now, enjoy listening to their version of one of my all-time favorite songs "come thou fount."


happy halloween?


happy birthday? yes!

some friends of ours celebrated their son's first birthday this past weekend. his name is noa (noah), so naturally guests came dressed up as animals! this was enough of an excuse for me to dress up as winnie the pooh. anna came dressed up as my best friend, piglet.



youtube of the month: november

im proud to rep latvian street art and my friend who shot and edited this film. im also proud of where this took place aka my "hood." overall, a pretty creative idea for an art exhibition. check it!