marriage on the road

anna and i celebrated three months of marriage last week! pretty cool. we also realized that we have been traveling for more than half of our marriage. it has been a wonderful trip, but we both long to sleep in one place for a while. we counted and realized we have already slept in nine different beds on this trip! we appreciate the amazing hospitality we have experienced on this trip, but we will be happy to settle in our bed back in latvia. :)



what is it? how would you define it?

"grace" has become such a common word in christian circles today, that it has almost lost its meaning. most people would agree that grace is central to our faith as Christians, yet most of us would struggle to define what it truly is. i have been challenged by a series of sermons given by pastor tullian tchividjian of coral ridge presbyterian church, where he highlights different passages in Scripture when Jesus displays true grace. life-transforming grace. grace that saves... not the word we throw around so easily.

this video is the fourth part of a six-week series entitled "pictures of grace."

you can also download the audio version of the talks here.

check it!