i felt the struggle more than ever this year to keep Jesus at the center of Christmas. the holiday can be filled with so many other things; busyness, travel, family, parties, presents, without ever stopping to consider the unbelievable fact that Our Savior was born!
thankfully, this year anna and i had the opportunity to press "pause" on our latvian life and celebrate Christmas together with my family in the states. it was such a restful and memorable time for us!
another highlight was getting to meet my brother's wife, lauren! this was the first time anna and i had the chance to meet her in person, and it was wonderful to get to know her outside of skype. they came out to arizona for two days and we can say now with confidence that tim is a lucky guy! we are so grateful for this time with my family. i freaking love them!
as i grow older, i can see more and more clearly that Jesus is THE ONLY reason why there is anything good in my life. His birth is a celebration of God's goodness and provision for His people. thank you Jesus for coming in complete humility! i still cant fully comprehend it.
all the brooks women finally together!


youtube of the month: december

i posted this video last year, but its too good not to revisit it.

Immanuel... certainly worth celebrating!


is work your lord?

really appreciate tim keller's thoughtfulness and articulation of Biblical truth. good thoughts to test the motivation behind our "work," no matter what it is we do!

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