time off (cont.)

here are a few of the pictures from the trip! we got to meet some fantastic people and see a lot of beautiful country. hope you enjoy the pictures!

a special thanks to amber brennan for being a wonderful traveling partner/question asker/co-pilot/co-photographer/co-dunnes addict/swimming partner! :)


youtube of the month: august

in honor of my recent trip, i would like to offer you a small taste of my time in scotland...


time off

after a long and busy summer, its time for some vacation!

say hello to my two friends...


team debriefing

it was a great time to sit and reflect on what God did through this random group of people that He brought together for the summer! 7 camps. 220 students. 86 new believers! AMAZING! praise God!!!

we also got to celebrate kelly & anetes birthdays!

oh and the place we stayed at had a decent view too... :)


camp 4-grobiņa

God did some amazing things this week!

it was such a blessing to have the shiloh team here and to serve alongside them and a wonderful team from czech!

this week i received one of the coolest compliments of my time here in latvia. it was nothing huge, but it was perfect timing and came across heartfelt and sincere. i had gotten to know a girl named madara (pictured below on the right) pretty well during the week, and as we were leaving grobiņa she told me, "labi ka tu dzīvo latvijā" (which basically means "its good that you live in latvia"). she repeated it a few times as i was saying goodbye to her and i cant tell you what it meant to me to hear that from a latvian! it was one of the most encouraging things anyone has ever said to me. i know ultimately, im here to serve the Lord, but it was cool hear that someone i had only met a few days earlier appreciated me, you know?

here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week...

what a great end to the summer!

thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and support!!!