Immanuel - "God is with us"

merry christmas!!! i hope you are able to find the time to reflect on the significance of Jesus' birth. what a wonderful day!


im baaaaaaaaack!

ill be in the states from december 17th-january 13th

if you want to reach me, my stateside mobile number is 602-505-8024


reason why latvia is the bomb #8: the sandwich grill

i got this from my roommates as a christmas gift.

needless to say, it was a wonderful gift. and it is one that i hope will continue to keep giving for many years to come.



90 hours

only 90 hours left till i fly back to the states!!! im getting pretty antsy to see my stateside family and friends again.


giving thanks

i know i am a little late on this, but i wanted to share what i am thankful for. this thanksgiving was a cool time to reflect on the things that i have seen God do over the past year. on the train ride back from czech i decided to write some of these things down in my journal and by the end i had filled up six pages!!! i was almost in tears. i am so thankful to be able to serve a God who is truly Good. i am thankful for Jesus Christ! i have so much to be thankful for! what do you have to be thankful for?