YouTube of the Month: June

I recently visited the Latvian occupation museum with some friends who were visiting us. Though I have been many times, the museum was a sobering reminder of the many tragedies this part of the world has experienced. Our generation tends to take freedom for granted and this video is another healthy reminder of the sacrifices people have made to maintain the freedoms we take for granted today.


The RĪGA Internship (ending)

The picture below signifies the end of the first round of The RĪGA Internship. :(
(from left to right: Kurts, Beāte, Krista, Krišjānis, Liene & Baiba)

I'm proud of each of these guys for following through on their commitment to follow Jesus! We met 19 times over the past four months to study and practice obeying Jesus' call to make disciples where He has placed us. I made mistakes, learned a ton, was encouraged by each person in the group and look forward to how God will continue to use them to glorify Himself! Each "graduate" received a Rīga Shirt, a certificate of completion, a framed picture of our group and a graduation hat! My hope is that these things will act as reminders of what God did over our time together and our call to continue following Jesus and making disciples. Soli Deo gloria!


re: welp... we're moving

welp, we moved! and God provided an even better apartment than we expected. heres a tour of our new place...

our entryway



living room/kitchen
guest room/office
now that youve seen it, youre welcome to visit us at any time! :)