racism is still alive and kicking all over the world today. and its not just about whites vs. blacks...

you can download a pdf copy of john piper's new book "bloodlines" for free here.


reason why latvia is the bomb #19: smalkmaizītes


i cant even remember what these little suckers are called, but you need to experience one in your lifetime. they are delish!

latvians do pastries right. baked fresh with just the right amount of sweetness. i had just eaten breakfast this morning and passed the store where they are made and decided to stop in for a mid-morning snack. ha! fresh, soft, raisin-y goodness all up in your faceplate! two for a $1. not too shabby!


God is growing His Church in latvia!


reason why latvia is the bomb #18: anna brooks

its been a while since ive added a new blog post about the reasons why i love this country. i thought id start it up again with the most obvious reason why i love this country! reason #18 is my wife, anna!

i struggle to put into words how much i love this girl. i am so thankful for her! she has blessed my life more than i thought possible. and shes beautiful!!

she was born here. we met here. and we got married here this summer.

the funny part of our story is that four years ago i would have promised you that i would never marry a latvian. i remember thinking and telling numerous people that dating a latvian was not an option that i was even open to. latvia was too far from home and the people i love so much. plus, my original plan was to only be here for two years. anna changed all of that. things look a lot differently than they did four years ago. i look back now and see that God had a much better plan for my life than i did. i have family on both sides of the ocean!