programming training

this past weekend we taught through sonlife's "balancing your programming" with the same teams of leaders who we had met with two weeks earlier. this training focused on practical ways to "challenge individuals at their level of spiritual interest" and move them forward in their discipleship.


grace for "good" people

because i have grown up "in the church," this was a VERY challenging message to digest. this video is the fifth part of a six-week series entitled "pictures of grace" by pastor tullian tchividjian of coral ridge presbyterian church.

i need reminders like this to repent of my self-righteousness and pride and turn and put my hope and trust completely upon Jesus! i need to reminded that He has accomplished what i could never do and He is who makes me right with God. Jesus please make me humble to constantly see my need for You!

you can download the audio version of this series here.


joseph kony

does that name or face ring a bell? if not, please watch the video below. it is definitely worth your attention. #kony2012 #stopkony

i have been following these guys for years, and was a little surprised they did not mention the name of Jesus once in this video. justice for justice sake? a good start. and worth your 30 mins.



youtube of the month: march


and sad. at the same time.

it will be interesting when this generation is in charge...


foundations training

this past weekend our team taught through sonlife's "foundations" with 22 students and leaders from cities across western latvia. teams were represented from kuldīga, liepāja, vaiņode, and ventspils. we had a great time looking at the life and teachings of Jesus and how that applies to our current context. the materials focus on six foundations of youth ministry;
  • an atmosphere of love
  • a Biblical group image
  • a consistent contacting ministry
  • a proper concept of Christ
  • prayerful dependence
  • communication of the Word
we will meet up again in two weeks for another weekend of training and evaluation of the changes that were made in each of their ministries.