reason why latvia is the bomb #11: tēja

in latvia, tea is a way of life. people here drink it allllllll theeeee timmmmme. meetings sometimes feel like an excuse to get together and drink tea.

over the past 18 months i have gradually learned to enjoy a warm cup of tea. for a long time i could not get past my "arizona state of mind" that was against drinking anything hot (or even remotely warm). but this mentality has changed with the weather, as latvia usually has around four months of good weather per year. with the abundance of cold weather i grew to appreciate a warm beverage from time to time.

the other reason for my change of heart was that i found a local tea house (thanks to my good friend chad little) not far from my apartment where i go every monday to spend a few quiet hours with the Lord. i take my Bible, journal & ipod and head to the tea house to sip on tea and spend time in fellowship with God.

and this time, the tea is not the reason for the gathering :)



today is my name day!!! a good friend of mine called me to let me know it was my name day today (march 19th)! haha, good to know. the latvian calendar has three or four common latvian names on each calendar day and when your name comes up your friends and family are supposed to give you gifts! think of it as a second birthday.

so... i will give you all a pass this year (since i didnt even know about it), but next year i will be expecting gifts! haha.

ps-im sure you already remembered, but Boļeslavs name day is on saturday (the 21st). you might want to get your gifts a little early this year.


youtube of the month: march

a few days ago i had the idea to share a few of my favorite youtube videos with you. i will put one of them up every month and i hope you find them as funny as i do!

i thought this would be a good one to start with, in honor of ilja's recent surgery/anesthesia.

meet david. after the dentist.

reason why latvia is the bomb #10: pirts



update on ilja

he is back home and doing well.

he still needs prayers as his arm continues to heal.

nasty! nasty! NASTY!!!